“Do I Really Need A Makeup Artist??” -YES! And Here’s Why….

Be sure your beauty is accentuated when it really matters!

Weddings, proms, or any type of IMPORTANT special events coming up? You can rest assured knowing that you will look (AND feel) your absolute best, after you hire a makeup artist.

Professional photography calls for professional makeup.

Are you taking portraits, headshots, or family pictures soon? Photoshoots of ANY sort require a makeup artist, to ensure the high quality photography doesn’t capture anything besides your beauty!

Relax, you won’t have to worry about how you look on a day when you want to focus on the beautiful experience, rather than your makeup- that’s MY job (that I adore).

I love what I do, and you will too.


After having worked with tons of photographers, I took their feedback and made a cool little chart to help show you who a REALLY needs a makeup artist! The margins show the majority of clients that require professional makeup artistry!

Importance of Professional Makeup

Ranging from 1-5 showing the clientele that requires a makeup artist. 5 being an absolute MUST, while 1 is not so necessary.